Plastic Surgery Costs

The cost of plastic and cosmetic surgery in the United States has been climbing slowly over the past decade, staying consistent with the cost of living increases across the board.  However, it remains a luxury item. Like all luxury items, it should be approached with the same caution, discretion, and balance that one would apply to any financial decision that involves discretionary income.  Hence, as with all luxury items, you will need to balance the potential benefits with the cost. With plastic surgery, cost not only entails financial cost, but also time away from work, recovery, and possible cost of complications. So, as you consider your options in plastic surgery, you will benefit yourself if you are able to keep each of these in mind.

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Cost of Plastic Surgery Procedures in the United States: This page references the most common range of fees across the United States.

Cost of Plastic Surgery Procedures at Loftus Plastic Surgery Center: This page references the current fees at Loftus Plastic Surgery Center. The fees are quite specific and are generally within the national norm. You can also read about our financing options, making cosmetic surgery available to nearly everyone.

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